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About our opposition

Let me be analyst. It sounds funny, but people close to me sound more funny. The key reason of writing this post is last speech and acts of our opposition. I am not a fan and I don't want protect a man in specific situation if this man likes me. It is about famous...

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Bright and fiery Athletico

In Tuesday (3th of May) I watched second semi-final champions league match between Bayern and Atletico Madrid. Of course I was rooting for Bayern. But in this post I would like to write some words about Atletico. I am not a football expert. You can agree with me or...

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First victory in the law

This year 8th March I won in the law. I filed a lawsuit. The key essence is the violation of the my labour rights. InJuly 2014 web studio where I was working since February 2014 closed. Employer owed me some amount of money. First of all I went to prosecutorial and...

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